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(Free) 6 Week Beginner Lacrosse Workout - High School



This six-week introductory lacrosse training program is crafted for high school athletes who are venturing into sports performance training for the first time. Whether you're a novice to training, recovering from an injury, or returning after a training break, this program is an ideal fit. It focuses on establishing a robust foundation of strength by incorporating crucial movement patterns essential for sports. Upon completion, you'll gain valuable insights into your body and its response to training. It's advisable to undertake this program during the off-season.




Pre Program Test 


To be done on one day and in this exact order. I would suggest having a partner with you or recording yourself doing this to hold yourself accountable.




Test 1 

Max Chin Ups: These are to be done strictly. Chin ups are palms facing you. Chin Over the bar and full extension of the arms at the 

bottom (elbow completely locked out)


Rest 5 minutes


Test 2 

Max Push Ups: These are to be done strictly, Chest to a flat object (paper plate, 5lbs plate in the gym, dome cone, etc) and full extension of the arms at the top (elbow locks out at the top)


Rest 5 minutes


Test 3

Vertical Jump Test with Wall: Place a piece of chalk or a piece of tape on the tip of your fingers. Stand facing a wall and reach up as high as possible with one hand to mark the standing reach height. Jump as high as you can and mark the highest point you touch on the wall. Measure the distance between the standing reach height and the jump height. (Give yourself 3 tries to get as high as you can. Rest as needed between attempts)


Test 4

100 Yard Sprint: Go to a lacrosse/football field or measure out 100 yards somewhere. Warm up properly. Then have a friend or partner take out their phone, open up the stopwatch, and go to the opposite side of the 100 yards. Make sure you are both ready and then have your partner call out 3-2-1-GO. Sprint the 100 yards as fast as you can and record the time! 




Max Pull Ups Number: ________


Max Push Ups Number: ________


Vertical Jump Test:  ________ 


100 Yard Sprint: ________




The Warm Up 


Do this warm up before each workout day


Complete 3 rounds

A1. Deep Squat Progression x10 reps

A2. Push Ups x10 reps

A3. A Skips x10 yards

A4. Skips For Height x10 yards

A5. Lunges x10 yards

A6. Build Up Sprint x10 yards (Round 1 = 60%, Round 2 = 75%, Round 3 = 90%)




Monday: Plyometrics and Lower body lift


Plyometrics (each rep should be 100% effort)

  1. Vertical Jump 3x4

  2. Lateral High Knee Bounds 3x8 each

  3. Ankle Hops 3x10


A1. Heel Elevated Front Squat (Full Range Of Motion) 3x12 

A2. Bear Crawl 3x30 seconds


B1. Barbell RDL 3x12

B2. Front Foot Elevated Split Squat 3x12 each


C1. Machine Leg Curls 3x12

C2. Machine Leg Extensions 3x12


Tuesday: Sprints and Upper Body Lift


4x20 yard sprint with a 30 second rest between each rep


4x40 yard sprint with a 60 second rest between each rep


1x100 yard sprint



A1. Push Ups 3xmax reps


B1. DB Bench Press 3x12

B2. Single Arm DB Row 3x12


C1. Chin Ups 3xmax reps


Wednesday: Cardio Skill Day


Pick a skill that relates to your position (midfield and attack can shoot, defense can do spoke or checking drills, goalies can do positioning and step drills, face offs can do clamp repeats)


Set a timer for 30 minutes and do your drill continuously. I want your heart rate to be elevated for the entire 30 minutes just like it would be on a run but you are doing a skill related to your position instead. I love cardio like this because it keeps it interesting and you get extra reps in!


Thursday: Sprint Repeats and Lower Lift


10x10 yard sprint repeat for 3 rounds total then rest 3 minutes between rounds. These should be done at 85% of your all out.


A1. Hang Clean 3x3

A2. Vertical Jump 3x4


B1. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat 3x12 each

B2. Single Leg RDL Back Foot On Wall 3x12 each


C1. Calf Raises 3x20

C2. Tib Raises 3x20


Friday: Upper Body Lift and Easy Cardio


A1. Tempo Push Ups (3-0-3) 3xmax reps

A2. Chin Ups 3xmax reps


B1. 1/2 Kneeling DB Shoulder Press 3x12 each

B2. Bent Barbell or DB Row 3x12


C1. Dips 3x12


Easy cardio 20-30 minutes. (Bike, run, row, elliptical, etc)

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