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(Free) 6 Week Beginner Lacrosse Workout - Youth 3 Day Program



Tailored for individuals under 14, this youth training program spans six weeks, focusing on establishing robust movement patterns, minimizing injury risks, and instilling enthusiasm for fitness among young athletes. Throughout the program, participants are encouraged to gradually increase weights or speed accordingly. Upon completion, expect heightened confidence in your movements, paving the way for an elevated training experience.


The Warm Up 


Do this warm up before each workout day


Complete 3 rounds

A1. Deep Squat Progression x10 reps

A2. Push Ups x10 reps

A3. A Skips x10 yards

A4. Skips For Height x10 yards

A5. Lunges x10 yards

A6. Build Up Sprint x10 yards (Round 1 = 60%, Round 2 = 75%, Round 3 = 90%)




Plyometrics (each rep should be 100% effort)

  1. Vertical Jump 3x4

  2. Lateral Line Jumps 3x20 (pick a line and jump laterally like you are skiing over the line back and forth)

  3. Ankle Hops 3x10


A1. Goblet Squat 3x12 

A2. DB RDL 3x12


B1. Push Ups 3xmax reps

B2. Chin Ups 3xmax reps




4x20 yard sprint with a 30 second rest between each rep


1x100 yard sprint



A1. DB Bench Press 3x12

A2. Single Arm DB Row 3x12


B1. DB Deadlift 3x12

B2. Walking Lunges 3x12 each




10x10 yard sprint repeat for 3 rounds total then rest 3 minutes between rounds. These should be done at 85% of your all out.


30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest x3 rounds

  1. Push Ups

  2. Chin Ups

  3. Jump Squats

  4. Front Plank

  5. Bear Crawl

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