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Intermediate 4-Tier Wall Ball Routine With Video


This is a 10 minute routine with 1 minute of work on each skill and no rest between skills.  I recommend that you have extra balls in case you miss one.  You don’t want any downtime during the session. Do Tier 1 & 2 first and only progress to Tier 3 & 4 if you can finish with less than 5 drops.  


Here is the video with a demonstration of each throw in each tier.


Tier 1

Right/ Half Cradle

Left/ Half Cradle

Right/Left/Throw, Catch, Switch

Right/Left/On-The-Run/Face Dodge

Right/Cross Body Catch

Left/Cross Body Catch

Right/Left/Throw, Switch and Catch

Right/Fake and Throw

Left/Fake and Throw

Right/Left/On-The-Run/ Roll Back


Tier 2

Right/Quick Stick

Left/Quick Stick



Right/Side Arm

Left/Side Arm

Right/Full Face

Left/Full Face

Right/Low Shot

Left/Low Shot


Tier 3

Right/Top Hand

Left/Top Hand

Right/Bottom Hand

Left/Bottom Hand

Right/Over The Shoulder Catch Left

Left/Over The Shoulder Catch Right

Right/Cross Body One Hand Catch

Left/Cross Body One Hand Catch

Right/Underhand Low

Left/Underhand Low


Tier 4

Right/Overhand To Sidearm

Left/Overhand To Sidearm

Right/Overhand To Canadian

Left/Overhand To Canadian

Right/Left/Overhand Quick Stick 2x

Right/Left/Overhand To Full Face

Right/Overhand To Low Shot

Left/Overhand To Low Shot

Right/Overhand To Cross Body Catch

Left/Overhand To Cross Body Catch

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