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The Importance of Strength and Conditioning For Lacrosse Training

Why should you be training? Take a moment to write down a few reasons why. Let’s see how our lists match up. 

Coach Dan’s Reasons to Train:

  • Increase strength 

  • Increase conditioning

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Decrease the likelihood of injuries

  • Increase confidence 

  • Improve ability to move in correct on-field movement patterns

  • Improve overall health

How does your list compare to mine? Did you get them all or did you miss out on a few? It is very common to miss out on some of the less popular reasons like increasing confidence and improving on-field movement patterns.

Increasing strength and conditioning and improving athletic performance should be no-brainers. These three reasons will come with just about any type of training especially if you are a novice. If you strength train properly you will improve your strength, power, and size. If you condition properly (depending on your sport) you will gain or improve your aerobic and/or anaerobic capabilities. Lastly, if you increase athletic performance via agility, sport-specific movements, and sprints, you will gain faster feet, a quicker change of direction, and overall speed. 

Injury Prevention

If decreasing risk of injury is on your list, give yourself a pat on the back because you have the right idea about why you should be strength training. Strength and conditioning, when administered properly by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, is the best way to prevent injuries. One study that examined the effects of strength training on physical fitness and injury occurrence found that when 2-3 90-minute strength training sessions were introduced to a team’s weekly workout, injury occurrence significantly decreased and athletic performance drastically increased. Your programmed workouts are not just a group of random exercises thrown into a random order. Strength and conditioning programs are a science and within this science, we sequence exercises in a specific way that helps to prevent injuries. After a proper assessment, each program should include specific exercises that target individual high-risk areas and common injuries in your chosen sport. As a high school athlete, if I had a strength and conditioning coach to teach me these things, I would have spent more time in college on the field and less time getting surgeries and rehabbing. 

Boost Your Confidence

We don’t often think of lacrosse training as a means to increase confidence, but it is crucial and very true. If you have ever properly trained for something in your life, think back to that time. A memory that comes back to me is when I first began training for soccer during the summer leading up to my freshman year in high school. I was not the most skilled soccer player but I trained very hard by running, lifting, and playing soccer all summer. When it came time for the grueling 3-day tryouts, I came consistently in the top 3 in all of the conditioning segments and still had the energy to play soccer when most of the other players did not. Because of my strength training, I had the confidence to match up against the seniors and not lose my footing, even after hours of conditioning drills. This earned me a starting spot on varsity as a freshman and an All-State player award my senior year… in a sport, I considered to be my second favorite behind lacrosse. To sum up a long nostalgic story, strength and conditioning training can give you the edge you need mentally and physically to get ahead of your competition.

The last two on my list increased my overall health and improved my ability to move in correct on-field movement patterns, both link to the many other areas and items on my list. Strength and conditioning will help you feel better all the time and will significantly help you perform and move better on the field.

Now that we have discussed the many reasons why strength and conditioning are important, what are you waiting for? Contact me to get started training today! 

-Coach Dan

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